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About Us

We are professional dry cleaners with over 25 years experience.

Reichardt Cleaners was founded by the partners of a well-established dry cleaning company in the Chicago area. We found Reichardt Cleaners as a convenient personal service to help busy consumers free up time.

We understand quality care, so you can be confident that we'll take extra care with your clothes. Reichardt Cleaners Promise:

Quality. Because we are expert dry cleaners, there is no learning curve. You will receive the best quality of dry cleaning available.

Customer service. We believe in making dry cleaning a convenient service for you and giving you access to an array of cleaning information. Furthermore, our courteous, skilled, and knowledgeable staff gives us the confidence to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

We do the work. Unlike most dry cleaners, we do not contract other cleaning services to clean our customers' garments. It's all done on-sight.

Affordable pricing. We operate a state of the art dry cleaning plant. This allows us to offer highly competitive prices for the convenience you get through Reichardt Cleaners. It's an innovative service with a personal touch.