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Environmentally Safer Dry Cleaning
- Odor Free!



Dry Cleaning

Reichardt Cleaners will clean your garments carefully with modern-computerized machines, designed to guarantee that whites are white and colors are bright by ensuring a consistent supply of fresh solvents.


We have always been using non synthetic, natural solvent "The Perc-Free Solution" We're even helping our environment ! Reichardt Cleaners is the first dry cleaner in South-West Suburbs to use DF-2000, the new environmentally friendly dry cleaning solution. It's gentler, won't leave a scent and keeps both nature and your clothes looking beautiful.


Expert Spot Removal

Our professional team checks the solvent, filtration, and distillation continuously at every cycle to provide fresh, odorless, and wrinkle-free garments. Well do everything in our power to get those difficult stains out, utilizing wet-cleaning and individual hand cleaning.